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Dial Cards:

Internet Anytime...anywhere...and for less, too

DialCards is a new service from Contact.
You can buy our dial cards from any of our authorized dealers or cyber cafes and use them to access the Internet.
No signup fee, No Internet account and No hassle.

When you buy the DialCard follow the instructions on the back of the card to log on to our service and start to use the Internet immediately.

Unlike any other Internet card in the market, Contact's dial cards only charges you of what you use depending on the time of the day, that means it's cheaper to use it at certain times and lets your card lasts longer and gives you more hours for free. Click here to check your Dial Card balance.

The actual charges based on the following table:

Time of the day Cost per hour
From 4 AM - 10 AM 0.33 LE.
From 10 AM - 5 PM 1.25 LE.
From 5 PM - 4 AM 1.75 LE.

Our card are available in 20 LE and 50 LE editions.


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